Should You Get A Dog Or A Cat?

Decisions are usually hard to make. There are certain reasons that are with it. One of those choices is choosing a pet, particularly, between a cat or a dog. Some people already know their preferences. But for you, you really don’t. You may be one of those people who do not care because you love both of them. But now it is time for you to choose one. It would be alright to have them both, but it will be costly so having one will be good enough.

What would be good to have? Here are the things you should consider:

1. Personality

First and foremost, you will have to know about your personality and lifestyle. We have a long history with dogs, and that is why they are called man’s best friend. They are a loyal and great company. But that does not mean cats cannot be our friends though. Cats are just more laid back. They are also loyal and a great company, only in a different way. It will certainly depend upon your lifestyle. For busier people, it is advisable to get cats, because they are more independent, unlike dogs that will need walks and company. And if you are more outgoing and outdoor type then dogs are great to have. You can bring them along for walks and hikes. They are also more sociable. If you are more introverted and like staying indoors, cats are great company for you. Aside from being independent, they also love their spaces much as you do.

2. Training

Another thing to consider is training. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to train them. Just like before, it will depend upon your lifestyle. In hindsight, dogs are easier to train while cats need more time because of their laidback personality. What is great with cats though is their natural instinct to be clean. Because of that, they are easy to be house trained. They are also cleaner. Once they know where the litter is, they know where they will do their business. Dogs, on the other hand, need more time. But when it comes to other things like communicating with others, dogs have more advantages.

3. Space

Think about where you live. Do you have your own house or an apartment? If you have your own house, especially with a backyard, it will be much easier to have a dog, because they have more space to run around. Cats are usually happy to have their own space, so size does not really matter. You can also have dogs in an apartment, but you have to make sure to have them out as much as you can.

4. Cost

The cost is also different between them. Dogs tend to be more expensive because of food and toys then add the vet and other bills. With cats, you will just need to think mostly is their food. Their litter and vet bills are just an addition. They are more independent and are happy to play with anything they get interested in.

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