How To Keep Your Dog Calm When The Power Goes Out

It is a dream of every person to have a pet at his or her home. A dog is one of the incredible pets as a person can have. Dogs are very peaceful, playful pets and they like socializing with adults and kids. However, sometimes dogs can lose this cheerful mood when they are anxious. Lack of power is one of the factors that can cause anxiety in a dog, which can create a behavioral change in a dog. Some of the behavior changes can be easily noted, and these behaviors are licking and constant barking. Therefore, to avoid such anxiety in a dog, you need to have a functional backup power supply ready and set. Here are the top ways on how to keep your dog calm when the power goes out:

Lighting backups

It would be best if you bought headlight for your pets since they will provide ample light once the lights go out, hence your dog will not get anxious due to darkness. Some people may opt to light a candle or fire, but this idea is entirely wrong because these sources of light cannot provide ample light. When you buy a headlight, it will save you money since it has a long battery span. The generator is another incredible backup power supply you can purchase to solve this power blackout; hence the house will always be lighted.

Massage your dog

Like human beings, dogs love and enjoy a massage, and therefore when you cuddle and touch your dog smoothly, it will feel secure. When massaging your dog, start with the neck as you proceed with other parts of the body, this will help your dog’s muscles relax and release tension. Hence, your dog will feel secure and comfortable in your hands despite the darkness.

Playing music

Music therapy is another incredible technique to keep your dog calm when the power goes out. Suppose you do not have any backup power supply in your home, no need to worry. This is because you only need to select and play smooth music with your dog. Music has a fantastic power that soothes and calms any anxious dog. Soft music helps block any noise coming from the neighborhood; hence your dog will not get outside distractions.

Cover your pet with calming clothes

They are calming clothes that are available in the market, and they are specifically designed for dogs. These clothes are designed as coats or T-shirts, and you can use it to cover your dog in the same way human beings cover their young ones. When you cover your dog during a power blackout, it will feel closer and connected to you; hence it will remain calm and peaceful.

Physical contact with your dog

If there is no backup power supply in your home, physical contact will be a credible remedy to calm your dog. The same way human beings want to be close to their loved ones, then dogs do like and enjoy this bond. When your dog feels your presence in the darkness, it will be assured that you are present and ready to protect it. You can make your dog feel extremely good when you tease and pick them up.

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