Having Both Dog And Cat At Home

If your budget is small you will want to consider having both cat and dog at home. Although they may not be able to live together, you can train them to behave together when given the opportunity. When you have both pets you will learn how to live as a team and develop stronger bonds. By making a choice to have a cat and a dog together, you are helping to save the environment by not having stray animals.

If you have any fears about whether your cat or dog will be able to live with you and your family, start with basic obedience training. When you train your pet, start with the basics and don’t jump to complicated commands. Start by sitting on the floor with your cat or dog next to you. Use a leash or a toy to hold them close to you while you walk around the house.

When you bring your cat or dog into the room, sit down immediately at the table. Have the food and water ready. Offer your hand and allow the animal to sniff your hand. You want to simulate a natural feeding situation so your dog or cat will naturally want to eat.

To begin teaching your dog how to eat from the bowl, place a piece of food in one of your hands and then say “ow” in a soothing voice while holding the food above the dog’s head. Then put your free hand over the dog’s mouth and allow him to take the food from your hand without fighting. After a few days of this practice, you will find it very easy to get your dog to eat from the bowl.

Once you have settled into this new eating pattern, introduce a new treat into the dog or cat’s food bowl every few days. Start with a little bit of kibble to see how fast your pet will catch on. Gradually move up to larger pieces of food. Eventually you will be able to use the bowl for all of your pets food. This way the cats and dogs will each have their own individual bowl to eat from.

When the pet’s food bowl is empty or half filled, begin using the toilet. Begin by wiping your hand along the dog’s back or the cat’s back until the animal begins to associate the toilet with eliminating. Keep doing this until you feel like the animal can be trusted to go to the toilet on its own. If not, remove your hand completely and begin the process all over again. Do not worry if your dog or cat does not immediately go to the toilet; eventually they will. It is important to remain consistent and patient through this process.

In the beginning it may seem that your dog or cat will not want to use the toilet, especially if you have only had them in the house for a short time. But keep patience and stick to this routine. Eventually your pets will become more accustomed to using the toilet and you can stop wiping their bottoms after they have used the bathroom. Once they have become accustomed to going to the toilet on their own, you can slowly start using the fenced in bathroom yourself. However, be sure to walk around your animals often while they are in the bathroom and keep your eye on them. Some dogs and cats have the habit of jumping out of the bath and into your hands.

One of the most important things to remember about having both dog and cat at home is keeping the indoor environment safe for the animal. The indoor environment should always be kept clean and free of clutter. Grooming the animals should be done daily to prevent mats and other unwanted hair from being picked up by the litter box. You should also provide them with water bowls and feeders that are covered and locked to prevent them from tipping the bowl over. If possible, you should place a litter box outside the home and this will prevent fleas from being introduced into the home as well.

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