How Dogs Became Man’s Best Friend

It is no secret that dogs are a great company. Whether you are alone and need some happiness and entertainment or need someone to help get rid of your stress, they are great to have by your side.

It is one of the reasons why they are called the man’s best friend. Aside from that, they are also very loyal. You can see it on different stories with them waiting patiently for their owners no matter how long. Some breeds are also good guards that they are great for letting you know when there is an intruder in your house.

The question is how did this all start?


Dogs were the steady companions of humans for hunting food a long time ago. You would still not call it a friend per se, but they are already around us. The way it started is actually a great debate. But it is widely considered that dogs are descendants fo wolves. People back then took them and domesticated them. And because of that, their pups became closer and interactive with humans and got used to it. People then trained the dogs and become tame.


So what are the traits that make them man’s best friend? It is mentioned earlier that they are loyal and great companions. There are also times they will just know you are lonely or even sick and will be comforting you. When you are happy, they will join with your happiness. They are also jealous animals. There are times they get angry with their owners when they interact with other dogs. They can also detect if one has a disease like cancer. With that, one will be warned and treated as soon as possible.

Because of the above-mentioned traits, they are truly a great companion. And as mentioned before, they are descended from wolves, and they share traits with them that are very useful. One of those is being territorial. Because of that, they are great to guard and defend your property no matter what breed they are though there is a breed that is more valiant than others. They also rely on their senses, and it is not just used for their surroundings but also for people. That is why they would know if a person is trustworthy or not.

Another question is how we are to them? How do they see us? Well, once you are bonded to your dog, they are already aware of who you are. But what is important for them is who is the alpha or the pack leader. As the owner, you should be the one for that means they will follow you and not the way around. To do this, you should be always leading them during walks and also get to eat first. With that, they will know.

Now that we know how long the history of our friendship with our dogs, may this remind us to return it to them. That is to be loyal and responsible and be a true friend.