Why It Makes No Sense To Have A Twitter Account For Your Pet

With the internet, things seem to be a lot easier. If you need to know about something, you can just search it up on Google. Back then, you will have to search for and collect music and movies. Now, you can just search it up and download it. Connecting with others is not too hard now. So whether it be with your friends or family far away from you or would like to meet someone new, it is easy with social media sites and messaging apps.

Social media is not only used for connecting with others. It can also be a platform if you have an advocate or opinions. There are also people who make fan accounts dedicated to their favorites while others will make one for their businesses or hobbies.

Making one for their beloved pets is not new too. In fact, many encouraged it, so they could have something to look at when they are stressed and want something to be entertained with. Also, many can’t stop thinking about pets. It is great but if you will think about it, Twitter should be the last thing made for pets. Why? Here are the reasons:

1. Pictures and Videos are More Effective

You can definitely post pictures on Twitter, but it is not the main goal of the app. If you ask people what they are looking for on pet sites, that would be pictures or videos. A way for them to be relaxed is to see it visually. Twitter is limited when it comes to that. One would rather go to Youtube to watch funny pets compilation or see pictures on Instagram.

2. The Social Media Site’s Main Purpose

It is obvious that all of them are represented on social media sites because they cannot exactly do those on their own. But it is more obvious with Twitter, and that is because of its main purpose which is sharing thoughts. You cannot exactly know the thoughts of your pet. What you can do is guess with their actions or project it to them.

3. Limited Words

If you want something to share your own thoughts or your advocate, Twitter will not be a good place. Words are limited with a tweet, so it will be a lot harder to explain something. It would be better to just make a blog dedicated to them instead. With that, you may be able to share and elaborate on your ideas and opinions, and many people will understand it more.

If you still want to make a Twitter account for your pet for fun, then go for it. But if one of your reasons is mentioned above, then you should think about it first or it will be just a waste of time for you. Twitter may be one of the most popular platforms, but it is not always the most effective one. You can still have it for advertising your blog though, but it would not exactly be your pet’s own account though, so it will still be different.