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jerry seinfeld

[VIDEO] Jerry Seinfeld & Louis C.K. Get Coffee In Cars

January 6, 2014 |

Jerry Seinfeld’s Season 3 premiere of his hit web series “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” debuted featuring a highly anticipated guest, Louis C.K. As always, Jerry picks his guest up in a spectacular and extremely rare car–this time a 1959 … Read More

[VIDEO] Throwback Thursday: Jerry Seinfeld Circa 1977

August 22, 2013 |

Here’s comedy great Jerry Seinfeld in his first television appearance. When watching and listening to this, it’s pretty crazy how thick Jerry’s accent was. It has almost a Henny Youngman sound to it. Much different then how Jerry sounds now.

Enjoy.Read More

[VIDEO] Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Coffee

July 19, 2013 |

We’ve written before about our love of Jerry Seinfeld’s series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. A new episode is up and this time Jerry’s getting coffee with buddy and comedy great Chris Rock!Read More

Seinfeld, Rickles and Coffee

July 8, 2013 |

Jerry Seinfeld’s exceptional series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee welcomes comedy legend Don Rickles. Read More

Jerry, Dave and Java

June 20, 2013 |

The newest episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s amazing series ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’ is out with guest David Letterman.Read More

Seinfeld on Fallon

June 19, 2013 |

Jerry Seinfeld was on the Jimmy Fallon show last night performing stand-up and as expected it was great. Check out this funny five minute set about golf, kids and whispering from one of the best.Read More

Seinfeld’s ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ Season 2 Begins

June 16, 2013 |

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld’s web series where we interviews famous people in the comedy industry, kicked off its second season by presenting its first episode earlier this week with comedian Sarah Silverman.Read More

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