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breaking bad

Grand Theft Auto Makes You Psycho [Kane Holloway]

September 12, 2013 |

On this episode of Cook’d, Kelsey is joined for a second time by fellow Podaholic and fiancé, Kane Holloway! They delve deep into the world of violent video games, and Kelsey catches Kane in a lie that blows her away. They “Cook” iTunes for getting sued over false advertising regarding Breaking Bad, do a special “West Seattle” Breakdown segment, and Kane opens up to Kelsey about his most embarrassing sex moment in their relationship! Read More

“Oh My God, That’s Your Butt!” [Phil Fox]

September 5, 2013 |

This week on Cook’d, Kelsey is joined by special guest Phil Fox! Kelsey “cooks” Phil along with some other colorful characters, they talk about Phil’s experiences trying meth, and what it means to compromise in a relationship. The show goes out with a bang, unlike in Phil’s story, as he shares his most embarrassing sex tale. Listen, share and subscribe!Read More

[VIDEO] Vine By Kane – Walter White Into Heisenberg

June 21, 2013 |

Podaholic Kane Holloway put together this hand-drawn Vine today transforming Walter into Heisenberg from the hit AMC TV show, Breaking Bad.Read More

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