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New Episodes


Daddy Gaycare (Dwayne Cullen)

Jay and the MassClot Phil Fox talk with Dwayne Cullen about starting comedy in Ireland, growing up with a dad who’s gay and Phil Fox has a comedy “epiphany.” Also an “is that racist?” suggestion.

Way to go Boo Boo (Yogi Paliwal)

Jay talks with Yogi Paliwal about comedy, “hack” Indian jokes, spending New Years with Jay and the HWP “Massclot” Phil Fox tells us about his recent three way involving a relative!

Girl Power (Jess Norton)

Jay talks with comedian Jess Norton while the “Massclot” Phil Fox gets drunk. We talk about Jess’s cherry getting popped on stage and off, a real live “catfish” ordeal, hymens and a BUNCH of “is that racists”!

Have A Ball! (Mehran and Kyle Ploof)

Jay talks with Mehran and Kyle Ploof. We talk about Mehran’s prosthetic ball, his argument with Joe Rogan, Mehran’s insane sex life all while Jay and Kyle attempt to make each other sound racist and homophobic. Also we get HAMMERED throughout this podcast.

The Big Cat Cometh (Jim Hollingsworth)

Jay talks with a very special guest, his dad the “Big Cat.”

CameRandom (Cameron Mazzuca)

Jay talks with comedian Cameron Mazzuca with Massclot Phil Fox. We talk about Cameron being a virgin …

Nate The Great (Nathan Brannon)

Jay sits down and talks with comedian and friend Nathan Brannon. We talk about the Seattle International Comedy Competition, Alternative Comedy, his future in comedy and being married and the pressure of having kids.

Blame it on the Alcohol (Patrick Higgins)

Jay talks with guest Patrick Higgins, a Buffalo native and Bills fan. Patrick and “Massclot” Phil Fox get hammered as we talk about Patrick’s move from Buffalo to Seattle, the Seattle comedy scene in his eyes, his growth as a comedian and his first time having sex.

High Times (Tyler Smith)

Jay talks with “weed comedian” Tyler Smith while the HollingsWorthless Podcast “MassClot” Phil Fox sits in. We talk about Tyler’s weight loss, heart break, trying mushroom’s and why he would never hire a hooker.

Rodger That (Rodger Lizaola)

Jay talks with comedian and friend Rodger Lizaola about the Big Sky International Comedy Competitions, drunk make out sessions with guys, Rodger breaking up with his girlfriend and making Rodger cry.

Fox, Fox Like The Mass Clot

Jay talks again with the unofficial “Mass Clot” of the HollingsWorthless Podcast Phil Fox as we talk about Phil’s pocket pussy, getting laid, his “Hot 12 Min’s” and the Seattle Comedy Competition.

Great Scott (Scotty Lombardo)

Jay talks with comedian Mitch Burrow while Phil Fox and Tyler Smith sit in. Mitch talks about being Bipolar, being from the south, busting balls and Seattle comedy clubs.

Back in Black (Manny Martin)

Jay talks with first “blAck” guest and roommate, Manny Martin. They talk Bumbershoot, growing up in black and white neighborhoods, movie reviews for the week and Manny’s hero Michael Clarke Duncan passing along with “Is It Racist” with a black guy.

Southern Comfort (Mitch Burrow)

Jay talks with comedian Mitch Burrow while Phil Fox and Tyler Smith sit in. Mitch talks about being Bipolar, being from the south, busting balls and Seattle comedy clubs.

The Ploof is in the Podcast (Kyle Ploof)

Jay talks with special guest Kyle Ploof visiting from Boston. Subjects discussed include the Boston and NY comedy scene, dating a comedian, Kyle’s attempted suicide and a new segment entitled “Is That Racist?”

Fox, Fox Like The Animal (Phil Fox)

Jay talks with Phil Fox about his experience hiring a prostitute, trying to be famous, and his attempted suicide.

Big Daddy Kane (Kane Holloway)

Jay talks with newly fired, professional comedian Kane Holloway about dating fellow comedians, hazing in comedy, groaners, racial slurs, hecklers, Brad Brake and sex on the road.

Duke of Earl (Earl Skakel)

Jay talks with the “Andy Kindler of the LA Open Mics” Big Earl Skakel about Tribble Runs, LA Comedy Scene, Bringer Shows, Comedy Classes and “Making It” in LA.

California Dreaming (Chris Neff)

Jay talks “Monster of Comedy” Chris Neff, Death Threats, LA Road Trip, Joke Thieves, Seattle Comedy Scene and the Doritos Taco!

Three Pound Sh*ts

Jay talks about Robert Kelly weekend, poker night, people who are offended and a 3 pound sh*t.

Street fights, reality TV, Dark Knight and working out.

Jay talks about past street fights, the Dark Knight, trying to work out and reality TV.