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[VIDEO] SNL’s Tidal Radio

March 15, 2016 |

When Tidal experiences technical difficulty, Chloe the intern (host Ariana Grande) steps in and performs hit songs from Britney Spears, …

[VIDEO] John Oliver on Data Encyption

March 15, 2016 |

Strong encryption poses problems for law enforcement, is weakening it worth the risks it presents? It’s well, er uh…complicated. But …

[VIDEO] Mark Normand Really Needed A Shower

March 9, 2016 |

Mark Normand reveals what happened when he didn’t have hot water for a week and had to ask a teacher …

[VIDEO] Voters For Trump Ad

March 9, 2016 |

Saturday Night Live finally ditches the innuendos, and straight up calls Republican Candidate Donald Trump a racist. Which, according to …

[VIDEO] The New ‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer is Here

March 3, 2016 |

If we’re being honest, the writing staff at Podaholics are sold on this reboot. The jokes landed. The effects look good. …

[VIDEO] Louis C.K.’s Fake Emergency on ‘Portlandia’

March 2, 2016 |

Carrie and Fred promise to keep Louis C.K.’s secret as long as he hangs out with them, Thursday at 10 …

[VIDEO] Yes, Donald Trump is a ‘real thing’

February 29, 2016 |

John Oliver and the writers at HBO’s Last Week Tonight cover the insanely scary reality of Donald Trump running for President …

[VIDEO] Leapday William for your Leapday Cheer!

February 29, 2016 |

Happy Leapday everybody, see you in four years when maybe Trump is the President *blech*!

[VIDEO] John Oliver on Abortion Laws

February 24, 2016 |

Abortion is theoretically legal, but some states institute so many laws, that they make it practically inaccessible.

[VIDEO] Carpool Karaoke with Sia

February 18, 2016 |

James spots Sia in Los Angeles and asks her to carpool to work as they sing some of the biggest …

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