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Create Education Better

June 20, 2013 |

In the third episode of Cook’d, Kelsey talks pageant idiots, ridiculous injuries, and comedy competitions. Kane Holloway comes on as her “Breakdown” partner to rank the best sandwiches in Seattle!

[VIDEO] “Girls Gone Wild” Creator Joe Francis Breaks Silence

June 13, 2013 |

The creator of “Girls Gone Wild”, Joe Francis, is in some hot water, and he very tastefully tells “retarded” jury exactly how he feels in this interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

It Just Came Off In My Mouth [Tyler Smith]

June 13, 2013 |

This week, Kelsey brings aboard fellow comedian and IBS buddy Tyler Smith to talk Western medicine versus Eastern medicine, roast “Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis, and determine a winner of the best Mexican food in Seattle! Later, Tyler tells the most embarrasing and scarring (literally) sex story of his life in the “Sexy Time” segment. You’ve been warned.

Fancy fiancé [Kane Holloway]

June 5, 2013 |

Kelsey is joined by her fiancé Kane to talk about this week’s top idiots, including Amy’s Baking Company and Amanda Bynes. Later they rate the top three cupcakes in Seattle in this week’s “Breakdown” segment, and discuss keeping their relationship happy and healthy while living in a tiny one bedroom apartment.

[VIDEO] Kitchen Nightmares – Amy’s Baking Company

June 5, 2013 |

Amy’s Baking Company runs their business by the motto that the customer is NOT always right. Look out, America. Bitches be crazy.