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Worthless of The Week - Rodger Goodell

Worthless of The Week – Rodger Goodell
Big Irish Jay


Ezekiel Elliot’s suspension was just changed AGAIN for about the 18th time and the NFL’s management is a laughing stock. Who’s in charge of the NFL? Rodger Cletus Goodell. (Not his middle name most likely, but it fits).

This buffoon has been incompetent for years. From the handling of the Ray Rice suspension, to Brady to Ezekiel to taking a knee. This guy just doesn’t know what he’s doing but continues to make MILLIONS and get bonuses like he’s the reason the NFL is doing so well. No you dumb dumb, the NFL is thriving in SPITE of you.


It’s gotten so bad that Jerry Jones is threatening to sue the NFL if Goodell’s extension is approved. I get it, Jones is the Cowboy’s owner, Elliot plays for the Cowboys, but this just speaks volumes of how much this guy’s hated.

He suspended THE GREATEST QUARTERBACK IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE FOR AIR OUT OF A BALL THAT HE MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE HAD KNOWLEDGE OF… You realize how insane that is? “We find the defendant, guilty for may or may not knowing that someone may or may not have been murdered.”


I know you’re saying “but Jay, EVERYONE hates the commissioners and managers of leagues”. Not true. Dana White’s pretty popular. The newest NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is pretty respected.

He revoked Barstool Sports press passes cause El Presidente Dave Portnoy hurt his feewings.


I hope he is fired as commissioner, falls on tough times and to make ends meet, has to get a job as a bathroom attendant at Foxborough for all of the Patriot home games. I hope Robert Kraft goes in, pisses on the toilet seat, while it’s down and tosses him a quarter on his way out, that falls to the ground and rolls into a urinal and because he needs that .25 cents, he MUST go down into that urinal and get it.

Other than that, I don’t mind him.


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