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Worthless of The Week - The Dummy at The Queen Mary

Worthless of The Week – The Dummy at The Queen Mary
Big Irish Jay

Last week I had my annual HollingsWorthless Halloween Podcast with all the boys. We spent the night at the Queen Mary and we MAY or may not have caught a ghost on tape. (video)

Regardless of how we’re all professional ghost hunters now, my WotW is the A-Hole that we encountered while checking in.

Once we arrived at the Queen Mary, we waited in line for about 30 min’s. They were swamped. I finally get up to the front of the line and Brennan is helping me. I find out the room I had reserved wasn’t the room I had reserved. No idea what this meant, but they had me down for a smaller room, (Brennan took care of us thought), so as I’m trying to get this all worked out, this short little FAHK, about 5’6″, blue shirt, black hair, mid 40s to 50s, comes barging up right next to me and starts loudly demanding a manager.

“WHERE’S THE MANAGER, I NEED A MANAGER RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOW!” Everyone’s looking around wondering what the fahk is going on. Brennan as he’s still working on my issue asks what is wrong  and this guy goes on “THERE’S A GUY IN THE ROOM NEXT TO ME SMOKING MARIJUANA, I NEED TO CHANGE ROOMS IMMEDIATELY!” Well, while he’s having a freak out, a couple who had been waiting in line to talk to the manager behind me start laughing, specifically the boyfriend. This did not sit well with the vertically challenged weed hater. “OH YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY? YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY? I HAVE A JOB WHERE I’M DRUG TESTED, IF THEY FIND MARIJUANA IN MY SYSTEM, I’M DONE!” We both continued to laugh. Through this whole thing, this guy is standing about 2 feet to my left. I’m biting my tongue, biting my tongue. The asshole keeps asking the guy behind us why he thinks it’s so funny and voices are getting louder. I finally can’t handle it anymore.

I say to this guy “You know what I thinks funny, the fact we’re all waiting in line and you just come barging in front of everyone”. He says the manager called him up,  to which I said “no he didn’t, you just came up”. He mumbles “very good” or some other shit and I say “it is good”. To be honest I can’t even remember everything I said cause I was so annoyed. At some point he left but not before Kane recorded the last part of the interacting and not before earning my Worthless of the Week you fahking twerp.

Here’s the recording:


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