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That Viral Used Honda Accord 'Commercial' Reaches Six-Figures, Ebay Pulls the Listing

That Viral Used Honda Accord ‘Commercial’ Reaches Six-Figures, Ebay Pulls the Listing
  • November 7, 2017

Ebay just messed everything up.

I’m sure you’ve already seen that viral video flying around. This guy, Max Lanman, who has produced projects for Microsoft and a number of other companies put together a ‘commercial’ to sell his girlfriend’s 1996 Honda Accord.

Here’s the video if you haven’t:

According to AutoBlog, Max and his girlfriend got the idea for this stunt while they were driving down the exact same twisting roads one day in Malibu.

“I had this like loose idea that I thought was funny, just this shitty car done as a luxury car commercial,” Lanman told AutoBlog.

Once Lanman’s girlfriend, Carrie Hollenbeck, bought a new Chevy Volt, it was time to sell the Accord.

“From there we got this kind of character developed, where she’s very casual, self-confident, doesn’t give a fuck, just very utilitarian, one and the same with the car,” he said. “‘Luxury is a state of mind,’ that line came to me very early on and we just kind of worked in reverse to express that.”

Lanman, who runs a creative agency, used his L.A. connections to get the project rolling. He called Avey, his friend, and asked her if she was up for doing something weird. He tapped Christopher Ripley, his college roommate at Yale who has worked on music videos for the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Anderson Paak, to handle cinematography. Andrew Johnson, another fellow Yale alum, did the musical score pro bono. And he asked a guy who lives in his building, an actor whose voice he liked, to do the voiceover.

They wrapped up editing and put it on Reddit, not thinking much of it.

“I checked back an hour later and it had like 70 up votes,” he said. “It was really fun, and luckily Chris and I were both not busy and we both grabbed pizza. We were on the local news here yesterday.”

After a few days on Ebay the bids crept up to $32,000. It might sound like he was being messed with, but he had been in contact with a bunch of the bidders and found them to be mostly legit.

By Monday the bids reached the stupid amount of $150,000. Yeah. For real. Ebay caught whiff of it and ended up pulling the listing due to “suspicious bidding activity. Lanman was allowed to re-list the car for $499 and as of this posting the bids have reached $2000.

Bummer dude. Cool vid, though.

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