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[VIDEO] Flashback Friday Fights - Wendy Williams vs. Omarosa

[VIDEO] Flashback Friday Fights – Wendy Williams vs. Omarosa
Big Irish Jay

Today we got a great one! Women are some of the BEST fighters when it comes to a battle of words. This FFF is back when Omarosa was coming off her stint on The Apprentice and people HATED her.

The fire started getting stoked before Omarosa even came out. This was what Wendy Williams said as the lead in to Omarosa’s segment:

So coming back from break, Wendy introduces Omarosa and “The Big O” wastes NO time addressing Wendy and her “we’re gonna smooth her out” comment.

ROWR! Oh God it’s great. Omarosa doesn’t take ANY of Wendy’s shit and just calling her on her own shit left and right. Wendy actually looks stunned. They take a break and Round 2 is even better!

STEP IN REF! RING THE BELL! THROW THE TOWEL! Omarosa don’t hurt em! Just CAAAAAAAALOWNING Wendy on her own show! Wendy tried to throw a punch after the bell with the “My show” comment, but the Champ was already having her hand raised. Omarosa don’t give a FAAAAAHK! Wendy had home field advantage, had all those cackling dummies in the audience “oohing” and “mmmhmmming” and Omarosa just gave them ALL the middle finger. And THAT is why “The Big O” is in our FFF Hall of Fame.

Cya next week for Flashback Friday Fights

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