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If This Thing Ever Stings You, Doctor's Advice is Just Lie Down and Scream

If This Thing Ever Stings You, Doctor’s Advice is Just Lie Down and Scream
Big Irish Jay

Tarantula Hawk.

A Tarantula Hawk. Two terrifying things. COMBINED into some sort of Nature’s Transformer.

WHAT? WHAT THE FAHK is a Tarantula Hawk you ask?


WHY? Why would a God make this thing? Look at that stinger! It’s like a whole ‘nother insect attached to it’s butt.

Biologist Justin Schmidt studies these stings of insects. He has a book titled Sting of The Wild where he ranks the pain of insect stings. He’s been stung by over 83 different creepy things. The Tarantula Hawk he ranks as one of the worst stings and the advice he gives if you were ever to be stung by one of these demon spawns is to literally… “lie down and scream.”

Schmidt says “The pain is so debilitating and excruciating that the victim is at risk of further injury by tripping in a hole or over an object in the path and then falling onto a cactus or into a barbed-wire fence. Such is the sting pain that almost nobody can maintain normal coordination or cognitive control to prevent accidental injury. Screaming is satisfying and helps reduce attention to the pain of the sting.”

Nah i’m good dude. I think I’ll just avoid coming within 1,000 miles of one. Sound good? cool! You’re probably wondering how bad one of this things stings could be? Good Ol’ Schmidtty says “Few, if any, people would be stung willingly by a tarantula hawk. I know of no examples of such bravery in the name of knowledge, for the reputation of spider wasps — specifically tarantula hawks — is well known within the biological community.” Ah ah ah not so fast Schitty Schmiddty!

May I introduce you all to… Coyote Peterson. WHAT THE FAHK IS A COYOTE PETERSON you ask?


Coyote (Jesus, do I really have to call him that? I guess so, he’s got bigger balls than me) hosts a show on YouTube called Brave Wilderness where this MANIAC will allow the worst things in the world to sting him. Yeah, you read that right. His job is to get stung by THE worst things in the world. Good old Coyote was kind enough to let a Tarantula Hawk sting him! I hope this guy is rich.

So here’s Coyote’s episode getting stung by the Tarantula Hawk:




I’m done. Signing off from the internet for a few hours. I think I’m gonna be sick.

Check out Coyote’s YouTube channel Brave Wilderness if you’re into other people’s pain or the creepiest, deadliest things in the world stinging a human. He’s got fire ants, alien fish, lizards etc… he has other stuff on the channel, but you animals just wanna see pain. The guy is off I think.




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