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How Much To Go To The World Series? How About 9 Bucks

How Much To Go To The World Series? How About 9 Bucks
Big Irish Jay

I think anyone that loves sports and supports a team, all dream of the same three things.

  1. Your team makes it to the championship game
  2. Your team wins the game
  3. You get to see that game live

Being a Boston sports fan, I’ve been pretty lucky the last 18ish years with the first two in the list.

In 2008 though, I was lucky enough to get the trifecta!

I was living in Boston, starting comedy, working for a tech company and the Boston Celtics were in the NBA Finals vs the Lakers. At the time I was making pretty good money at my day job so the whole NBA playoffs I was going to games. I went to the game when Lebron and Pierce were going back and forth at each other (Celtics won). And the C’s kept moving on.

It’s finally the Finals and I wanted to go to at least one of the NBA Finals games to experience it. Everytime I tried to get tickets, they were sold out or just cost so much that there was no way I’d be able to afford them, so I had given up hope. That’s when one of my employees comes along, knowing I’m a huge Celtics fan, and tells me her Uncle, who was coming down from New Jersey had won 2 tickets off something he bid on at the very beginning of the year and was willing to sell me one of his 2 tickets! I offered 300 bucks and the guy agreed.

It was Game 6 of the NBA Finals, in Boston, versus their biggest rivals, the LA Lakers and I WAS AT THE FAHKING GAME. The whole experience was just a surreal. I think I was in disbelief most of the time I was there. I recorded a BUNCH of videos so I could relive the experience.

The Celtics that night, at that game, won it all. They DESTROYED the Lakers and got their 17th banner and I WAS THERE. Men were crying, people lighting cigars, it was one of the most amazing and memorable experiences of my life.

So this year, the LA Dodgers were in the World Series vs. the Houston Astros and all my LA friends were on cloud 9 (till game 7). I started seeing how much tickets were, to maybe check out a game but results were coming back at about $900+. Sooooooooo TV it t’was.

That’s where Jordan Benedict comes into our story. Jordan is quite possibly the LUCKIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. Jordan was searching on StubHub for World Series tickets when all of a sudden he sees 2 tickets for $9.08!

Let that sink in for a second. World Series tickets… at Dodger Stadium… for 9 bucks. Jordan immediately purchased them assuming whoever listed them must have been posted at the wrong price, but fahk it, right? It’s 20 bucks for 2 tickets. He then gets the tickets delivered to his email! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?!

StubHub felt the price was an error and was going to cancel the transaction and refund his money, but StubHub actually gave him 2 tickets and honored that price. Good on you StubHub!

This guy was actually able to see HIS team play in the World Series and he didn’t have to take out a loan!

(Sorry how it turned out Jordan)

Hey, 2 out of the 3 ain’t bad.

You can read the whole story on Jordan’s Facebook post here.

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