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The McRib is Back! But What Is McDonald’s Really Trying To Sell You?

The McRib is Back! But What Is McDonald’s Really Trying To Sell You?
  • November 6, 2017

The McRib is back on McDonalds menu for a limited time.

Droves of people are dragged into the nearest McDonald’s to shovel “meat” sammies into their mouths. I don’t understand the craze for this, absurd, bbq burger. The McRib looks like a tumor on an X-ray, who wants that in their belly? It is nothing but a marketing ploy, McDonald’s is the used car salesmen of fast food. Once you come in for a McRib why not get a large fry? Maybe a large soda? Why not get a McFlurry and then clutch your chest in the bathroom.

The McRib did alright at its inception but the masses got sick of it pretty quickly.

“Despite the McRib’s status in modern fast food culture, it was not immediately successful. It test-marketed very well in the Midwest, and was added to the restaurant’s permanent menu for the United States in 1981. Sales were mediocre, however, and it was removed in 1985 as McDonald’s executives determined that pork is not eaten frequently enough in the U.S. to stay on the menu. After several years, it returned for a promotion. It is more popular in Germany, where it remains a permanent item. The McRib was also brought back occasionally in 1989, 1990 (together with the “BBQ in a Bag” promotion), 1991, 1992 (with the Western Omelette McMuffin as part of a western marketing ploy.”

I’ve never heard the same story about the Big Mac or the Whopper. The McRib is like a b-list celebrity step kid with drug problems. At first you’re excited to see them, the one time a year you get to to see them. Eventually you see how fake they are and by the end of their homecoming, you find them chewed up in a gutter. There is even a McRib locator website…. what?

“Spotted by Suzanne,” the most reputable McRib source working today. It’s a treasure hunt for high cholesterol, what are we doing America? If you’ve never had a McRib, just get some ABC gum, mush it into a rack of ribs shape, throw a lot of bbq on it and put in between two sesame seed buns.

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