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Losing Your Hair? Just Tattoo a Hairline

Losing Your Hair? Just Tattoo a Hairline
Big Irish Jay

Not sure if people know, but I’ve had outbreaks of Alopecia Areata. No it’s not an STD. Alopecia is hair loss which they believe is caused by stress and I think it’s genetic.

There’s two types of Alopecia. There’s Alopecia Universalis which means you have NO hair ANYWHERE. No eyebrows, no pubes, NADA.

The one I have/had, Aloepcia Areata works, is you get small circular patches of hair loss. It usually starts as a small quarter sized circle of hair that starts thinning, turning white and eventually just stops growing hair in little spots. You look like a leapard.

I use to get “AA” in my beard and my head. I’d go to the doctor and they’d give me 80 cortisone shots in my face and my head. Really fun times. When I’d get it in my head, I’d just shave my head bald. I figured “fahk it” and just go bald. My beard was the worst. I remember telling the doc I’d rather be bald then have to shave my beard.

I don’t know why, but never really cared if I were to lose my hair or not. Maybe once it starts happening, that opinion will change, but till then I’ll just continue to be carefree and let it just flow in the wind while flipping off Kane’s dome. But I always thought, couldn’t bald people just tattoo a hairline or hair folicles so it just looks like they have a really short buzz cut?

What would that look like? As you got older would just just look like a giant oversized yamaka? Would it look real? WILL ANYONE EVER TRY DO THIS?

Someone did!

Yousef the famous YouTube guy from FouseyTube actually did exactly this. He posted a video talking about his insecurities with going bald and all the things he tried before going with the “Tattoo Club for Men”. As you can see from the title of the video, he obviously regretted it.

He didn’t like it but some of the other ones I’ve seen look natural.

You can also see his experience getting these crappy tattoos removed:

It’s crazy what we all do as men and women for our self confidence. I don’t fault anyone. People wear makeup, spanx, dye our hair, tattoo hair, all for our self confidence. People say “looks don’t matter”, SHEAAAAAT. They matter to everyone, including ourselves.

Maybe the Muslim’s have it right with the burkas. Eyes are the window to the soul they say, maybe if that’s all we had to go on, everything would be easier.

Nah… it still wouldn’t matter. People would still be self conscious about their eye lashes, eye brows, color of their eyes. People would start getting eye tattoos… oh wait, they already do.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… PLEASE GOD, DON’T LET ME GO BALD!



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