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First Time Fridays- Dave Chappelle Meets Kanye West

Dave Chappelle is the man, everyone knows that. Dave is a genius, plane and/or simple. The first time I  saw Dave Chappelle was his HBO special “Killin’ Em Softly.” Since then Dave catapulted into comedy great status, in my eyes. Then Chappelle’s Show hits Comedy Central and it is the biggest selling, highest rated and critically acclaimed sketch comedy show ever. Dave was edgier SNL, his musical guests were primarily hip-hop, rap and soul artists. The video is Chappelle on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Dave talks about the first time he met the Roots and more specifically Kanye West. I’m not a Kanye fan, think he’s a self righteous, gapping butthole with toilet paper for a tongue; because what comes outta his mouth is shit! BOOM! Kanye just got Kane’d! But for real he’s an ass, with stupid lyrics. This is an actual line from the song “Can’t Tell Ne Nothing;”

“Dont ever fix your lips like collagen/ To say something when you gon end up apologin.” – Kanye West

Well “apologin” is not a word! I don’t mind when words don’t exactly rhyme, but it takes a keen mind and linguist to pull off phenomenal word bends. But Kanye wrote himself into a corner and said “fuck it.” He’s such an ego maniac, he knew he had nothing after “collagen,” nothing profound that moves with the flow and theme of the song, so he wrote “apologin,” then tried suckin his own dick. But Dave is such a great story teller that he made me care about the history of Kanye’s first television performance.

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