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Worthless Of The Week - Sports Injuries (WARNING GRAPHIC)

Worthless Of The Week – Sports Injuries (WARNING GRAPHIC)
Big Irish Jay

It’s over… my joy for this NBA season is over. I got a little over 5 minutes of bliss… and then this happened:

And like THAT! My excitement for the season took a… twist.

This sucks. Injuries are part of sports, I get that, but man. I really, really was looking forward to seeing Hayward play this year in Celtics green. Jeremy Lin also had a knee injury occur JUST last night. It’s just awful.

Injuries are the WORST. I remember in ’08, first game of the season, when THIS happened:

OH dear God. I remember I was in Vegas with some buddies. We were at the sports book watching the game and then it happened. We thought IMMEDIATELY, season over. DONE! Too be honest, it was. I mean Belichick and the Pats scrapped together an 11-5 record but just missed the playoffs. 11 AND 5. FAHK.

With fantasy football and video games, I think a lot of the game has become less personal. We have social media to follow our favorite athletes and we cheer for who we like, we have players we like, but I don’t know if we see them the same way fans once did. More as “people” rather than just filling a jersey on the team or social media content, like more of “things” rather than people.

Overall I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but when something like this happens to a Hayward or a Paul George (OH GOD that one was gruesome), guys kind of known as “good guys”, I think it kind of snaps us back to realizing “oh this isn’t Madden. I can’t just turn injuries off and this guy will be ok.” It’s not as simple as just plugging another guy in my fantasy basketball team and keep it pushing.

It just sucks when this happens to anyone and in an instant you’re seeing years of hard work, sweat, blood and tears gone. A year of your livelihood is literally wiped a way in a second.

I hope a speedy recovery to Hayward and Lin and I hope Gordon retires a Celtic. In the meantime I’ll be over here finding a replacement for Hayward on my Fantasy Basketball team…


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