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Worthless of the Week - People That Like or Dislike Things 'Cause It's the "Popular" View

Worthless of the Week – People That Like or Dislike Things ‘Cause It’s the “Popular” View
Big Irish Jay

Alright, so with Mitch’s recent review of Blade Runner 2049 and lots and lots of online reviews saying the opposite of Mitch’s view, I decided if I’m gonna watch the new one, I need to watch the first one. which I’ve never seen, so last night I watched it.

First off, everyone that’s told me previously “oh dude, Blade Runner’s so good, how could you have not seen it, you gotta see it…” FAHK OFF! That movie is the most bloated, long winded piece of trash. That whole movie could’ve been a 30 minute episode of the Twilight Zone (Black Mirror for you kids). I don’t know if we get something stuck in our memory or it just doesn’t hold up, but that movie should be used as prep at sleep study clinics. WHAT WERE YOU ALL TALKING ABOUT WITH THIS MOVIE!??!!?!?!

Which brings me to my Worthless of the Week this week. There’s this mob mentality because it’s “the thing” to like or dislike. Nobody seems to form their own opinions and half the time I don’t think people even have watched/tried/experienced whatever they’re liking or disliking. They’re just doing it because everyone else is expressing a view and they wanna be included with the cool kids and jump on the bandwagon. And who starts the initial opinion on something, that everyone then latches onto?

Apple iPhones are a perfect example. The phones suck. The battery life sucks, you can’t customize shit with it aesthetically they’re boring looking. Even the next one, the “X” looks like shit and doesn’t even have the standard fingerprint scanner, but people already are on the X phone bandwagon, “it’s gonna be great, gonna be best phone ever, we don’t need the fingerprint scanner cause it uses your face.” FAHK OFF. The only good things about iPhones are the cameras are usually great and the apps, but that’s it. Don’t believe the hype. The Samsung S8+ is a better phone. Same or better camera, better battery life, better looking phone, same amount of apps.

I’m actually really excited to see the new Blade Runner after reading Mitch’s counter review to the popular reviews and after seeing that Coma inspiring original film, I’m curious where I’ll land on the opinion of the movie. The fact it’s 2 hours and 45 min’s, I’m think I’ll be leaning toward Mitch’s view, but who knows.

I guess what it comes down too is I just think people get so set in their ways, views and can’t look at things overall objectively, but fahk, what do I know? I think I’m 100% right about this Worthless of the Week.



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