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[VIDEO] The Law vs. YouTube Lawyers

[VIDEO] The Law vs. YouTube Lawyers
Big Irish Jay

The videos I have today for you, I LOVE em! I’ve always been envious of Lawyers. Not because of the money or the prestige. I’ve just always been envious of a person who knows the law thoroughly, inside and out and can rattle off a court case like Smith vs. Jones 1972. If it didn’t require years of schooling, studying, reading and money, I EASILY would’ve been a lawyer.

So my post today is kind of a mixed bag for me. I don’t know if I love or hate these people that fuck with cops. On one hand, if they know their shit and their right, then I’m all for it and I love watching these videos. But if it’s some dummy like me, that’s seen a few YouTube videos and now think they graduated Harvard Law School… well, then I also love watching these videos!

There’s nothing better than a person who knows the law schooling a cop that’s being a prick to them and the flip side, there’s nothing better than a person who THINKS they know the law and a cop quickly schools them.

My favorite are the people who say “I’m a free citizen” or “Sovereign citizen” or some dumbshit. Basically they will tell a cop “I’m not a citizen of America, I’m a free inhabitant” or some dumb thing. The argument is “hey I live here in the US, but your laws don’t apply to me”. RIGHT!

Here you got a “Sovereign citizen” arguing in court

Here you have a guy clowning a cop then the cops own superior comes over and tells him to stand down:

Love the “did you learn something today?” haha

Then you have the people who actually do know their shit and that’s just as fun to watch. Here the STATE ATTORNEY gets pulled over and quickly the cops give an “oh fahk”

This next one may be my favorite. Another actual lawyer vs. a police officer, just beautiful:

I wish I knew the law, but I’m dumb and will never take the time to learn it, so I guess I’ll continue to be a sheep and “yessir, no sir” the cops. Be safe everyone.


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