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[VIDEO] The Danger of a Chip Overload

CLICK BAIT! Oh I got you playa… Not really, though. On episode 165 I have on podaholics godfather Sean McCann and first time podaholics podcast host Mitch Burrow. Mitch is cohost of the new political podcast “We’re With Them,” with Josh Gibson as the second co-host. I’m not here to talk about them or their podcast, it’s all about me!

The podaholics boys are true fans of the Opie and Anthony Show, a comedy Mecca of the funniest comedians of our time. Of course Jim Norton’s character Chip Chipperson is a run away hit of the show, sparking the most popular podacast on the Riot cast network, called “The Chip Chipperson Podacast.” Before he was a podcast sensation, he was a character of the Opie and Anthony Show. Anthony was and is a big fan of Chip, but Opie couldn’t stand him.

Avoiding eye contact or changing the subject quickly when Chip would try and interject. Chip would always win out, however. This video is Opie’s revenge, he tries to kill Chip with Chip in this Chip overload. Check out this video then listen to episode 165

The First Podaholic (Sean McCann & Mitch Burrow)

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