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[VIDEO] New Justice League Trailer

[VIDEO] New Justice League Trailer
Big Irish Jay

So this last Sunday, Warner Brothers dropped a new Justice League trailer and CUM EVERYWHERE.

Few things. I collected read and collected comics growing up and I’ve always been a DC guy vs. Marvel so I’ll tell you going in I’m definitely biased. I think the Batman vs. Superman wasn’t as bad as everyone made it out to be. It was longer than needed to be and Ben Affleck is the best Batman.

Now, after all that, I’m worried about this movie. Only because there’s been so much talk and drama around it. Talk of the script getting reworked, bounced around. Talk of Ben deciding he won’t play B-man after this and the fact they didn’t use The Flash from the TV show is awful. I’m sure this kid playing the Flash will be great, but the Barry Allen from the TV show Flash is exceptional in the role.

Also in this trailer, what is going on with Batman’s dreams? “I had a dream”. Did ya? Cool. In the BvsS there were dream sequences Batman had. When’d Batman get this premonition power? When did Batman become Miss Cleo? (90’s reference to old??)

I just hope this movie comes together. I’m holding out hope and honestly, all the parts are there, IE I think the casting of Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman are all perfect. Supes is fine, he’s always been a square and the Flash kid, we’ll see. I just hope the story is good, it’s not longer than it needs to be and Green Lantern shows up in it. November 11th can’t get her fast enough.

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