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[VIDEO] Marvel vs Capcom Was & Is the Greatest Fighting Game

  • October 4, 2017

Video games are for nerds, video game break downs are for nerd virgins. Finding video game break downs funny might mean you’re the saddest nerd, who needs a girlfriend, a different hobby and to stop playing video games. However, if you’re any of these guys, I have the video for you!!!!! Smosh Games is a YouTube channel that is steeped in the world of video games, who produce “Honest Game Trailers.” The video is a breakdown of different video game franchise and they have a “movie voice over” guy narrating us through the game trailer. Some of the videos are too nerdy for me to “get.” There is this whole subculture of videogame anime, sex dungeon nerds that find some of the deep technology jokes really funny and I… I just…. whatever… I don’t get it. However this one is GREAT! They breakdown the best fighting game of all time “Marvel vs Capcom.”

That game is the shit! Walk into an arcade in any mall or galleria, with a bank robbers burlap sack, filled with quarters and post up at Marvels vs Capcom. The animation that is used for the characters feels like life has been breathed into comic books. Wolverine is the greatest playable character, he’s short, he’s angry, he’s fast and that’s just in the bedroom. Wacca, wacca, wacca.

Marvel characters can fight Capcom guys, Capcom guys on Capcom guys and Marvel vs Marvel. The game has everything, if everything you’re looking for is Capcom and Marvel characters fighting. Go on your Xbox or PlayStation, pay a couple bucks and download the old version of MvC, get a refreshing Sprite and a Hawaiian pizza and enjoy unemployment. It’s Wednesday morning for fuck sake, go get a job and then do all that, come on Kevin.

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