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[VIDEO] Jackie Chan Reunites With Original Stunt Team

[VIDEO] Jackie Chan Reunites With Original Stunt Team
Big Irish Jay

Growing up I loved all martial arts movies (except Segal’s, fahk that guy). From Bruce Leroy to Jeff Speakman, to JCVD to the GOAT Bruce Lee.  Jackie Chan always had a special place in my heart cause he did this AMAZING thing with his movies and his characters. He was a bad ass, that could kick your ass, but he NEVER came off as a “tough guy”. He was human.

I remember reading a long time ago that Jackie intentionally added into his movies, he wanted to show his characters getting hurt. He punches someone, then shakes his hand out from the pain. He gets hit in the face, he rubs his face in pain. He always showed his character getting hurt, NOT invincible and he was the only one doing it. While other martial art actors were screaming and flexing, Jackie was saying “ouch” and “owie”.

Jackie also always had humor in his movies. He was the Buster Keaton of martial art movies. It played again to him being “just one of us.” One of the greatest things Jackie did was include the outtakes of his stunts at the end of his movies. To show you the mess ups, the injuries, the pain. It was genius. When you watched Bruce Lee, you viewed him on this pedestal and as superhuman. With Jackie you viewed him as “Oh, he’s just like me, I could do that, but I would never want too! Look at the pain he deals with”.

In the video I have for you today, get the allergy meds ready. Jackie’s being honored and he’s on stage with his new stunt team. They start rolling videos of original stunt team members talking about what it means to be a part of Jackie’s stunt team and what Jackie has meant to them and their lives. As the video’s playing, Jackie’s new team moves and the original team takes their place, behind Jackie as he has NO idea. Watching the clip and seeing the stunts and hearing how this man is so respected and loved by his guys, it’s waterworks time. Enjoy.


This guy is the nicest human being that’s ever lived. From this day forward, when I’m in doubt or questioning anything, I’m gonna ask myself, “What Would Jackie Do?”.


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