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[VIDEO] Everything is More Satisfying in SlowMo

  • October 2, 2017

Fuckin’ Hollingsworth, he posts an article about that underground fighter getting his ass handed to him, last week. The one who is a self proclaimed, underground fighting champion, after asking strangers to fight. Read Jays article:

Of course that sends me down this YouTube rabbit hole, where I end up at the SlowMo Guys channel. Watching hours of these guys, blowing things up, jumping into and onto things, filmed with a high speed camera. Just so they can slow the footage WAY down, to see how it looks. It’s so dumb, it’s genius.

As fascinating as the slowmo stuff is, I love that these guys thoroughly enjoy the technology and the process of setting up these elaborate ways to slow shit down. The video at the top is my favorite, the other one I love is the mouse traps on a trampoline. There is something therapeutic about watching a grown, British man, hop onto a trampoline filled with live mousetraps. Check out the rest of their videos here:


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