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[VIDEO] Eminem Eviserates President Trump in Freestyle

  • October 11, 2017

If you needed another reason to love or hate Eminem, he rolls out an anti-Trump freestyle. Last night on the BET Hip-Hop awards, Eminem debuts a new cypher of him taking on Trump, his twitter fight with NFL, the handling of the KKK, Puerto Rico and Las Vegas shooting.

“But this is his form of distraction
Plus he gets an enormous reaction
When he attacks the NFL so we focus on that
Instead of talking about Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada
All these horrible tragedies and he’s bored and he
Would rather cause a Twitter storm at the Packers!”

It’s safe to assume that if this video didn’t hit twitter, Trump wouldn’t have heard about it. It’s not like Donalds watching the BET Hip-Hop awards. Can you imagine? Him in a big red chair and a glass of milk, Ivanka sitting cross legged on the floor, watching BET??

Eminem has never been a stranger to bashing the White House. The track “White America” on “The Eminem Show” album he writes;

“I musta struck a chord with somebody up in the office
‘Cause Congress keeps telling me, I ain’t causing nothing but problems
And now they’re sayin’ I’m in trouble with the government, I’m lovin’ it
I shoveled shit all my life, and now I’m dumping it on
White America”

He attacked Clinton for getting blown by an intern and Bush for the Iraq war. Now Trump is in his sites. Earlier this year he put out an eight minute song attacking Trump called “Campaign Speech.”

Once last nights freestyle came out, twitter exploded:

This President slam seems more visceral than usual. Maybe because you cannot turn on a news channel without some, horribly mishandled, crises being addressed by him or his cabinet. He threw paper towels into a crowd during an event, when Puerto Rico suffered a hurricane. Then came out and said “they didn’t suffer a real catastrophe.” But hey, my job isn’t to get political, I am a huge Eminem fan….

Here is my favorite line of the freestyle:

“Like an empty asylum, you ain’t got the nuts.”

Ahh, do you ever hear something and smile with appreciation and love in your heart? Now everyone is on pins and/or needles waiting for the Trump response. Oh, it’s coming, you best believe it’s coming, boy. Like A fat kid that smelled cookies, it’s coming.

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