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[VIDEO] Dear David, The Terrifying Child Ghost

[VIDEO] Dear David, The Terrifying Child Ghost
Big Irish Jay

With Halloween coming up and with the HollingsWorthless Halloween Podcast coming up (Oct. 27th) I started going down the YouTube rabbit hole of ghost videos. There’s some terrifying ones online and I got stuck on Nuke’s Top 5 channel. It’s great and I’ll include a bonus video at the end, but this is all about Dear David…

I don’t know where I read about this a few months ago, but I remember it being INSANE and sending it to The McCannic who also was freaking out. I could rehash the story, but Nuke’s did such a great recap, I’ll let them tell it:

Look, I’m all for being skeptic, but there’s just SO MUCH SHIT GOING ON HERE. The cats tripping, the black hallway, the fact that other than tweets, Adam seems to have kept himself out of the lime light. I haven’t seen him all over the talk shows etc… so I don’t know.

Having just watched this video and being reminded of this story, I checked Adam Ellis’ twitter and it’s STILL GOING ON! You can keep following Adam and the Dear David story which is continuously updated on his Storify.

As a reminder, myself and part of the Podaholics crew, Kane, Mike & The McCannic will be live streaming and recording the HollingsWorthless Halloween Podcast Friday, October 27th from the Queen Mary. We’re hoping it’ll be as crazy as the last two Halloween Podcasts at the Clown Motel and the Sorrento Hotel in Seattle.

And as promised, here’s a bonus ghost video from the Nuke boys. (The second one I literally almost shit myself FAHK!)


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