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[VIDEO] Comicstorian tells the best Batman Story in The Long Halloween

  • October 31, 2017

Last Halloween post for 2017, I know, I’m upset about it also. I have a video from the YouTube channel Comicstorian. On top of having an incredible name for a channel, if you’re a comic book fan, the content will rip your world apart (comic book world, that is). Comicstorian is exactly what the name suggests, a comic book historian. They will run through the entire story, the way the comic book unfolds, with the comic images and a narration. Comicstorian removes the texts and alters the images slightly so there is no copyright infringement. It’s great if you want to catch up on your favorite superhero storylines.

This video is the entire story of “Batman: The Long Halloween,” by Jeph Loeb and Time Sale. The Long Halloween is a sequel to Frank Miller’s “Batman: Year One.” TLH centers around Batman, Lt. Jim Gordon and D.A. Harvey Dent and their crusade to stop organize crime. A murderer strikes during Halloween night and continues to kill each following holiday. The entire storyline takes place over a year and concludes on the following Halloween. The graphic novel is one of my favorite Batman stories, it’s a “who done it?” On top of introducing Batman’s rogue’s gallery, organically, it is the biggest inspiration for the Oscar winning “The Dark Knight.” If you want to wait and read the graphic novel, order it on amazon using this link. Happy Halloween, ya’ll.

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