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Veteran Who Rescued Las Vegas Victims Given Free Truck

Veteran Who Rescued Las Vegas Victims Given Free Truck
Big Irish Jay

Today’s a positive story coming from Big Irish Jay, not Positive Mike (Suck it Mike).

You may or may not have heard, during last weeks horrible mass shooting in Las Vegas, Marine Veteran Taylor Winston stole a truck and drove injured victims to the hospital… 3 TIMES!

This was all while gunfire was still going on. Without thinking of himself, he got a truck and instead of immediately thinking “I’m outta here” he turned into fire, got people in the truck, took them to the hospital and THEN said “I’m going back!” and he did, not once, but 2 more times.

I’ve said many times I have so much respect for our military and I’m always amazed at the selflessness they present in the face of death. I don’t know if I could ever do any of these acts of bravery.

Well, Taylor was rewarded for his act of bravery. B5 Motors in Gilbert, AZ gave Taylor a 2013 Ford F-150 free and away.

Winston said he only accepted the truck because the it will allow him to sell his current car and donate that money to the Las Vegas shooting victims. OH GOD! Taylor also said “It’s been really hard to even get myself to come out here and accept a gift of this caliber,” he said. “But I can turn around and do a lot of good with it, so I’m happy to be here. JESUS, This guy is the man and like most soldiers in these life or death acts of heroism, just humble as shit.

There’s been so many reports of how this event was the worst and best of America and Taylor Winston was just one of the many hero’s among the first responders and concert goers, police etc… that all stepped up in the face of death. Truly inspiring.

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