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Tyrese & The Rock are Fast and Feuding

Tyrese & The Rock are Fast and Feuding
  • October 17, 2017

So The Rock and Tyrese got beef because Fast 9 ain’t coming out sooner. That’s the quick of the whole thing. Ugh! So Tyrese, the solitaire of rappers, became a one of twelve hip-hop artist turned actor in the early 2000’s. The Fast and the Furious came out, exploded at the box office and so did Vin Diesel. Diesel thought he was better than the sequel and decided to make another, bad movie instead. 2 Fast 2 Furious came out starring Paul Walker (R.I.P) and Tyrese. Boo! It also had Ludacris as an illegal race car facilitator. Whatever. The movie sucks so bad they can’t even get Paul or Tyrese for Tokyo Drift, the third installment, then the franchise is died. Finally!

Nope! All those actors who went from A to B listers came together for a fourth installment called *sigh* Fast and Furious…. clever…. That does aight, I think, then Fast Five comes out with, everyone?

Also the Rock is in it. So the franchise is back and supercharged, if you will, and now the theaters poop out FF sequels every year because they make a literal fuck load of money. The Rock is one of the most bankable action hero’s of this generation, the new Schwarzenegger for the youngsters and of course a FF spinoff with him was inevitable. Tyrese don’t like that, so he slammed Dwayne:

So Dwayne hits back:

Ha ha, Tyrese. Dwayne Johnson thinks your album is a big pile of dog shit. Boom, you just done got Rocked! So Dwayne is going to make a spin-off, so what? Go do something else, Tyrese. Pop a squat over the toilet and release a new album or drive those expensive cars. Tyrese is that kid who’s only good at one game, but the group wants to split and play something else and now he’s pissed. Puerto Rico and most of North America is under water, do something else, stupid.

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