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[VIDEO] The Curious Case of Jamie Kilstein

[VIDEO] The Curious Case of Jamie Kilstein
Big Irish Jay

Back about 5 years ago, Jamie Kilstein went on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast as a guest. For those unaware, Kilstein was a comedian and self proclaimed male feminist and progressive comedian.

While on the Joe Rogan podcast, they started talking about the Daniel Tosh “rape joke” heckle, which then went into rape statistics, which then went into a discussion of which is worse, being raped or being murdered.

It got pretty heated in the discussion and then Jamie went back onto his own podcast and gave his interpretation of what happened. You can see a breakdown of everything that happened previously here:

This week, Rogan had Kilstein back on the Joe Rogan Experience to discuss all that’s happened in Kilstein’s life since his last appearance on the JRE.

It’s a really interesting interview. To see someone that was so far on one side of an argument, do a complete 180, after experiencing all the things he use to do towards others:

Here he specifically talks about the abuse allegations against him:

They also revisit the Daniel Tosh argument:

Again, it’s a really interesting interview. You can see the whole JRE interview here:





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