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SNL's SafeLite Parody was Pretty Brutal and SafeLite Has Responded

SNL’s SafeLite Parody was Pretty Brutal and SafeLite Has Responded
  • October 9, 2017

UPDATE 10.9.17: NBC/SNL has since removed the video from YouTube. I don’t remember a time when SNL backed off a sketch. Then again, this is where we are nowadays.


Saturday Night Live dropped a hell of a sketch over the weekend that was pretty funny but took a crazy swing at the on-site windshield repair company SafeLite.

I wasn’t sure which direction they were going to take it until the SafeLite guy, played by Beck Bennett, made it clear with one long, awkward look.

It quickly devolves into a weird, uncomfortable, funny perspective that probably hits it right on the mark for most people that have seen these commercials.

Here’s the SNL sketch. Then we’ll get into SafeLite’s response.

Safelite didn’t find this funny AT ALL.

There were some questions around whether SafeLite paid SNL for product placement. According to a Mashable article last year SNL is lowering the amount of commercials they’ll be airing during an episode and making up that money with in-sketch advertising.

NBC says the long-running live comedy show is cutting its commercial load by 30% — two commercial breaks per episode — as it makes a modest push into content created in collaboration with advertisers.

That push will mean six opportunities per year for the show’s advertisers to work with its writing staff to create original work that promotes their brands.

SafeLite responded to that notion with another tweet.

And since they forgot to tell SNL how disappointed they were in them, they threw one more out there.

Now, look… SafeLite. A couple things. You know you guys set yourselves up for something like this, right? You have a glass repair shop and you CHOOSE to create this creepy narrative that was bound to be called out at some point. Unlucky for you it was SNL. I mean, just look at your current promo pic!

You need to cast better.

Number two; you promoted your tweet. You dug the sketch, admit it.

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