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Miami Dolphins Offensive Line Coach Caught Snorting Offensive Lines... ON CAMERA

Miami Dolphins Offensive Line Coach Caught Snorting Offensive Lines… ON CAMERA
  • October 9, 2017

For real, man. What are you doing?

First let’s get the video out of the way. If you’re sitting in a cubicle wait until your smoke break and pull it up on the phone. If you have headphones even better because his narration is epic.

My dude. I’m not going to take some moral hot rod on the Righteous freeway to You-shouldn’t-be-railing-short-stacks city. That’s not what this is about. It’s not about the fact that your lining up before a meeting. It’s not about the cascading snowballs falling from your pizza-smeller as you give a play-by-play sounding like Jim Norton’s Uncle Paul. And, I’m cool with you sharing your favorite method of cocaine delivery. No, this is really about my amazement that you decided this would be the best way to show your true feelings to love ones you miss. A recorded video sent out into the ether. Dummy.

The amount of preparation involved to produce this career-ending video was neither worth it nor impressive. He had to find that eightball (wait, he’s in Miami), find a $20 and credit card, get the camera ready then figure out how to hold the phone while he shot it. Think about it. This guy had to work for this masterpiece.

Take it from me; use your head. You’re a known man! For the Miami Dolphins!

Look, as you all know I deal with fame and notoriety on a daily basis. People are often trying to grab a pic, autograph, and sometimes even my phone. Anything to be close to the Don. And I get it. This isn’t a new thing. Guys like the Line Man and me need to keep it cool and use our heads or all the money, fame, and glory we’ve accumulated can be snatched up in a flash.

Lesson to learn. Keep that phone in your pocket!

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