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I’ve Been Bamboozled by A YouTube Troll

I’ve Been Bamboozled by A YouTube Troll
  • October 9, 2017

They got me! I’ve been informed by “We’re with Them” host and comedian Mitch Burrow, that I’m a fucking idiot.

Earlier today I posted an article about the best impression video ever, from Rob Cantor. A man with many voices who astounded me with his talent. He posted a video of an original song co-written with his piano playing friend, Andrew Horowitz. Andrew plays the keys and Rob belts out the lyrics in 29 different celebrity impressions. I was astounded, here is the small article I wrote about his impression video. Along with the video.

“First impressions? This is the best impression video I’ve ever seen. I’m no stranger to well produced and flawless impression video making myself (brushes dirt off shoulder, realizes my shirt is dirty, then goes to do some laundry and watch his own impression video alone, while folding his clothes) but this is the best. This video comes from YouTuber Rob Cantor, a guy with a full head of hair and more celebrity impressions then the entire cast of SNL and one bald L.A. comedian from Seattle combined. Him and his ivory tickler buddy, Andrew Horowitz, crafted an original song, sung by Rob in 29 celebrity impressions. The hook of “original song” is intriguing for an impression video, but the some of these impressions are shockingly spot on and the song is very catchy. It’s like a poor version of “We Are The World.””

Well apparently Rob is a talentless hack, Andrew can’t play the piano for shit and I got too excited. Here is the video of the making of the Bamboozle Holloway Epic by Rob “70’s Vagina Chin” Cantor.

The production that went into making this, what would have been, best impression video ever, was… for lack of a better term, stupid. Rob is the Carlos Mencia of impression videos. What a dick! I’m sure your reading this thinking; “Kane you’re just angry because he got you, you feel dumb because Mitch is the one who called you out and your grammar sucks.”

NOOO! You’re telling me that 17million people watched this and weren’t irritated at unemployed Bob Ross face, selling these impressions. He really goes for it, trying to make me believe he’s the talent behind this video. OH, and let’s not skim over the fact that this, eats tortilla chips without dip, ass hat named Rob put out “the making of” without any clarity as to why? Why make this? What’s the point Rob “Farts into jars and keeps them for later” Cantor? Why not write the song, then make a cut of all these talented impressionists together PERFORMING THE FUCKING SONG?! Why go through the trouble? To piss me off? Is that why, Rob? Did you orchestrate this entire thing, so Mitch would call me dumb and I look like a fool!? Well CONGRATULATIONS ROB!! YOU DID IT!! Nice face, you have this constant look in your eyes like you’re lost at the mall! Fuck you Rob!

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