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I Know Why Movies Flop at the Box Office

I Know Why Movies Flop at the Box Office
  • October 10, 2017

Sweet Jesus, am I sick of this complaint from some of the movie going public; “there wasn’t enough talking in the movie.” Enough talking? How much talking do you need? “Enough to drown out the nagging thoughts that my dreams never came true.” Make a therapy appointment, then go to the movies. This, of course, is coming off the heels of the disappointing box office return for Blade Runner 2049. $31 million box office return for a movie that cost $150 million to make is not great, but I’m sure it’ll make its money back overseas. The box office pull is weird, considering it’s chillin’ on rotten tomatoes with an 89% and the consensus from critics is this is the movie of the year.

So when a beautiful movie, with a run time of two hours and forty-three minutes doesn’t have a good return, it tends to be the movie mass word-of-mouth that hinders the financial comeback. The irony is palpable, that a slow paced movie, that tackles philosophical questions like; “what’s it mean to be human,” hangs heavy on visuals and reacting acting from skilled thespians, people run around telling their friends “it’s LOOOOOONG and not enough talking.” Ugh… shut up! “There were too many unanswered questions.” So answer them yourself, you dummy. Or here watch this, if you want.

It’s not just Blade Runner, it’s any big budget movie, with an A list cast and a high marketing budget. If their isn’t enough talking about the story in the story about the story, people can’t handle it. Look, I’m no movie snob, I love and hate all kinds of movies. I do find some critically acclaimed movies boring, “Unforgiven,” holy shit Clint get to the fucking point. I’ve been sitting on this prairie with you and Morgan Freeman for an hour now, go kill Gene Hackman or go back home to your kids. If you think a movie is too slow, I can understand, but this “lack of dialogue” complaint makes me want to sit on a glass baseball bat.

It’s not a complaint exclusive to long think piece films, either. Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the best movies made in the last decade, I loved it with all heart, sole and soles of my feet. And the complaint I heard from people who didn’t like it was “Mad Max never talks…” Who…… CARES!!!??? Why do you need to hear him talk? He’s fighting a guy hanging from a pole, attached to an engine, which is attached to a speeding car, while a tanker truck explodes behind him. So the scene would have been better if you hear Max say to Furiosa “Boy, this sure is a Fury Road, amiright?”

Do people need everything spoon fed to them? Aren’t we all adults with brains? Do you ever go to an art gallery and hate it, because the artist isn’t there to explain his work? Just interpret it and move the fuck on, Jay. Jeeeesus Chrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiist!!

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  1. Jay Hollingsworth

    YES! Yes they do need it spoon fed!

  2. Kane Holloway

    😑 boo!

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