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First Time Fridays- Train Robberies Become a Business

First Time Fridays- Train Robberies Become a Business

Train robbery, the coolest type robbery. It’s no pirate ship robbery or even spaceship robbery, but it’s dope. The Wild West was a lawless, drinking, take what you want time in America’s history and the train was a big part of that history. Finally, a more efficient way to move goods and money from state to growing state, in the U.S. of A. Of course with any efficiency to the structure of a society, comes a group of bandits to fuck the whole thing up.

“On this day in 1866, the Reno gang carries out the first robbery of a moving train in the U.S., making off with over $10,000 from an Ohio & Mississippi train in Jackson County, Indiana. Prior to this innovation in crime, holdups had taken place only on trains sitting at stations or freight yards.”

Transcontinental railroads were taking off during Americas financial growth in the west. Large hills, with little to no law enforcement to stop these Cowboys from robbin,’ made for a very lucrative business opportunity. Soon, train robbery became a job opportunity as respected by youngsters as YouTubers or being Andy Samberg. Train robbers became rich and famous, like Butch Cassidy or Jesse James.

Like any fun activity, some shop owner has to come out with his broomstick and ruin it. Railroad owners got wise to the robberies, like when the train would pull in empty and everyone, on board was scared and had pistol whip marks on their face. I think those things tipped them off. So they started having law enforcement to guard the trains and it became an increasingly more dangerous venture.

“As for the Reno gang, which consisted of the four Reno brothers and their associates, their reign came to an end in 1868 when they all were finally captured after committing a series of train robberies and other criminal offenses. In December of that year, a mob stormed the Indiana jail where the bandits were being held and meted out vigilante justice, hanging brothers Frank, Simeon and William Reno (their brother John had been caught earlier and was already serving time in a different prison) and fellow gang member Charlie Anderson.”

Oof… Anyway, happy Friday to everyone. That’s right, that’s how this article ends. No lesson or clever anecdote about train robberies. No one rides trains anymore and most robberies come from someone you know. MIKE!! So be aware and play Red Dead Redemption, there’s a dope train robbery level.

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