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First Time Fridays: Stephen Colbert

First Time Fridays: Stephen Colbert

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in the early 2000’s was the reprieve the world needed from all the bullshit. 9/11 happened, wars broke out and the republicans were in charge with an incompetent leader. It was a scary time in the world and we needed some levity.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart brought the news we needed and made us laugh through all of it. Jon Stewart, with his cast of correspondents, was the reason you tuned in every day. That group of funny people making fun of the news while being a legit news source themselves, was a comedy milestone. In the cast was one of the best reporters; Stephen Colbert.

Colbert was the reporter who’s stories you looked forward to the most. He became so popular, he deserved his own show but not just any show. The Daily Show shit on the news, then Colbert needs to shit on a personality. Before his sexual harassment accusations, Bill O’Reilly was still the most hated fuck on television, perfect! Boom, The Colbert Report was born, grew legs and ran Comedy Central.

Colbert is pure funny, the guy is unbelievable at making people laugh. I remember when I first saw him, I was drawn to his ability to be dry and goofy funny in one interview. This next video is 40 minutes long and I’m aware I’m throwing a lot of videos at you, but they are all worth your time. This one is him hosting “Only in Monroe.” Only in Monroe is a Michigan based local morning television talk show. The segments he brings in are so fucking funny, they are pure joke writing, I can’t tear my eyes from it. Plus there is an uncomfortable and hilarious interview with Eminem, watch it.

Of course the O’Reilly Factor was becoming an old, tired shit show. Colbert needed a new outlet and Letterman was retiring. Time to bring the Colbert Report to CBS and be one of the premier late night hosts.

I’m looking forward to old man Colbert and following his career after his run on the Late Show.

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