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Dude Found This Moth Creepin' Around His House, Thought He Should Shoot Some Video of It

Dude Found This Moth Creepin’ Around His House, Thought He Should Shoot Some Video of It
  • October 27, 2017

This is a REAL thing!

I blame religion for this abomination. Only a righteous god would make something this cocky. And since I don’t subscribe to that, I don’t subscribe to this.

The image above is apparently a moth called a Creatonotos gangis moth, this according to some guy who actually likes this type of business named Gary Hevel, a researcher with the department of entomology at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. The literal translation of Creatonotos gangis is ‘Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.’

Some dude from Indonesia ran up on this mug skirting around his house and still had the frame of mind and maintained-consciousness to grab his phone, open an app, and hit record. I couldn’t do any of those things if I saw this monster. Here’s his video posted to his Facebook account:

First reported by the Washington Post, the moth man went on to explain WHAT THE WHAT is up with this six legged, two antennae, four tentacled BeelzebubBeelzebug.

Hevel said in an email to The Washington Post that the moth in the video appears to be using its scent glands — those strange little tentacles — to attract a mate.

He said the glands, which are in the moth’s abdomen, are typically deflated.

The moths are found across Southeast Asia and parts of Australia, according to an online database, which states:

The adult moth of this species has brown forewings, each with a broken dark streak. The hindwings are white. The abdomen is red or sometimes yellow. The males have four reversible coremata at the tip of the abdomen which emit pheromones, each when inflated is longer than the abdomen. The moths have a wingspan of about 4 cms.

It is known throughout the entire Podaholics corporate campus and sister branches that I HATE MOTHS. If there’s one floating around in my room when I go to bed, the lights come on and I’m up until that son of a bitch is found. ‘But Sean, what if you can’t find it?’ Well, then I guess it’s time for pancakes.

They’re disgusting little creatures that serve no purpose other than to drop powder on my hands and fly around willy-nilly without any sense of purpose. The lack of confidence a moth has in its flight ability alone drives me crazy. It doesn’t deserve wings with that kind of mediocre effort.

Anyway, let’s all clear our palettes now with, arguably, the best moth joke ever told. Ladies and gentlemen… Norm McDonald.