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30 For 30 Podcast Will Take You Over

30 For 30 Podcast Will Take You Over
  • October 19, 2017

Who doesn’t love 30 for 30? Even if you don’t like sports (how?), you have to love the stories told in that world. The team coming together, triumphing over adversity, the human spirit and the drugs, oh my god all the drugs!! You might think that a podcast of sports documentaries is silly; “I need to see the ball or the puck or the punch,” but you’re dead wrong. Listen chief, this is the most engaging podcast you’ll hear in the medium, other than that wonderful shows on the Podaholics network, of course. *cough Your First Time cough*



Three things that make this podcast great:

1- Episodic in seasons
Five episodes per season, each episode is a compelling story in the sports world, around an hour long. No episode is connected, so you can listen to episode two then five and you’re not missing a thing.

2-They produce the shit out of it
Every episode has great music beds, sound effects, great script writing and seamless transitions into interview answers. The commercials are so catchy all you want to do is buy, buy, buy.

3- The stories aren’t familiar
More than likely you’ve never heard these stories before and that’s great. You get to learn about these other, hidden gems surrounding the juggernaut that is professional sports.

Download season one now at iTunes 30 for 30 Podcast and tell em that Kane from Podaholics sent you.

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