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Worthless of the Week - Charlie Zelenoff

Worthless of the Week – Charlie Zelenoff
Big Irish Jay

I don’t know how I found out about king of internet trolls, Charlie Zelenoff. I don’t know what rabbit hole I went down on YouTube, but I remember once I learned of this scumbag, I couldn’t stop watching for all the wrong reasons.

Charlie is a delusional young fellow that just looks like an asshole. He claims to be “Undefeated” in 243 “fights. He also claims to be the “Undisputed UBF Champion”. “Jay, what’s the UBF” you say? It stands for Underground Boxing Federation. Yes it’s a made up federation and he carries around a made up belt for his made up title.

How Charlie became “Champ” and “undefeated” in so many fights is, Charlie will go to local gyms in L.A. such as a 24 hour fitness, Planet Fitness, LA fitness etc… and go up to random guys, while holding 2 pairs of boxing gloves and say with a friendly tone “Hey, wanna do some light sparring?”. These guys, not knowing any better will say “sure” and as SOON as they put the gloves on, Charlie will try with everything in his soul, try and knock these guys out. Just flinging haymakers, no technique, just throwing these flailing hooks like a middle school kid in his first fight. Sometimes the victims will be in the middle of asking “so, light sparring?” or asking some other question trying to clarify exactly what is about to happen, and Charlie will just start teeing off on him. As soon as the guy is like “WTF dude?”, Charlie puts his hands up and declares himself the winner, adding to his “undefeated” record. He’ll even be teeing off on people as they’re telling him to stop. If by chance someone gets in a punch or Charlie isn’t able to make the other person quit quick enough, or he gets tired, he’ll end the fight, get out of the ring or find some reason to stop the fight and STILL claim victory by saying the other person cheated, or quit.

As someone who use to train MMA, It’s infuriating!

Here’s a couple videos of Charlie and what he does:

Now, that you have an understanding of this scumbag, there’s more to the story. Charlie eventually believed his own shit and actually challenged WBC heavyweight boxing champ, Deontay Wilder. Apparently he left voicemails with racial slurs, threatened Deontay’s daughter, just real scumbag shit. Deontay was justifiably so pissed off, he actually came to L.A. to beat the shit out of this prick.

I’m not sure if it was before or after the Deontay Wilder meeting, but somehow Charlie was able to bullshit his way into the ring with Floyd Mayweather Sr. for some “sparring”. As you’ll see in the video below, Floyd let him flail, then started teeing off on him, then Charlie runs out of the ring, only to come back and sucker punch Floyd Sr. from behind. CUNT!

How this punk Zelenoff wasn’t torn limb from limb at this gym is a miracle. But again, as you can see, this dipshit thinks he “won” this sparring match.

If seeing these videos has got your blood boiling like it does mine, you’ll appreciate this final video. Charlie apparently walked into an MMA gym and this big 16 year old went a few rounds with him. I don’t know if these guys knew who Charlie was or his rep, but I think they may have had a clue.This moves great! light on his feet and just counters the SHIT out of Charlie in the ring. Just beautiful. But what happens after is the cherry on top. Enjoy.

So that’s the story of Charlie, my “Worthless of the Week”. I’ve seen recent videos that he’s still out doing this same shit, so if you ever see some dopey dude walk up to you with some gloves, asking if you wanna do some “light sparring”, say no, or be ready and beat the shit out of him.

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