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[VIDEO] Stolen Valor Call Out

[VIDEO] Stolen Valor Call Out
Big Irish Jay

I come from a military family. My Grandfather fought in WW2, my Grandmother worked in the shipyards during the same time, my Dad and Uncle both military and I have NO problem saying I didn’t have the balls to go into the military, in ALL aspects. I didn’t have the balls to commit to something for years on end, to make the sacrifices required nor did I have the balls to raise my hand and say “yes, if needed I will put my life on the line.” Not stating this as a “proud” thing, just a factual thing.

So ANYONE that has been in the military, served their country, been to war, any of it, I seriously have the UTMOST respect for. So these “Stolen Valor” people always boggle my mind. The absolute BALLS these dummies have, to put on a uniform, they did not earn and walk around receiving thank yous and appreciation for something OTHERS have died for is just mind blowing to me.

The only thing I have in my own life experience to compare it too, is getting my black belt. I know what it took to get my black belt back in the day, the hours spent, the sacrifices etc… so if someone were to just put on a black belt, without putting in the blood, sweat and tears would be INFURIATING.

But this is something different. This is something more. I’m not defending a country. I’m not risking my life, so the fact that someone thinks they can just dress up a terd of a human and think “same-sy” just drives me insane. I don’t know why it pisses me off so much. Maybe again it’s because I have family that’s served, I have close personal friends that have served, I know the sacrifices they’ve made and I know I never did it, so I can’t speak to it really.

I feel like Jack Nicholson’s speech in A Few Good Men is directed to all that have not served:

So I absolutely LOVE these videos of people being called out for Stolen Valor. I think they should be called out and publicly shamed. It’s disgusting to me. So enjoy these Stolen Valor videos and if you see a Veteran, tell ’em “Thanks!”.




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