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[VIDEO] "Real People" Commercials We've All Been Waiting For

  • September 25, 2017

Oh the “Real People, Not Actors” commercials, thank god they are here. Actors are the worst when selling products in an ad. They are just reciting words, the company wrote for them to say, to sell their products. Now when real people are “dragged off the street,” or blindfolded to sample these products, I feel much more comfortable. Nothing is more comforting to me, then listening to strangers being talked down to, by the guy being paid by the company who is trying to sell their products to these strangers. You follow me? What’s even better about the reassurance of “real people, not actors” ads is, once these true to form actual people are shown the product, they immediately love it!!!! Well thank the good lord on high, because there was a 50/50 chance this entire focus group, being lead into Chevy’s headquarters, being shown Chevy products, without other vehicle comparisons, could have hated these trucks and killed that guy.

Luckily these “real people,” with different backgrounds, idiologies, political affiliation and taste all came to the exact same conclusion. Except for Mahk, Mahk seems to be the only guy in these “real people” ads who hates the products. In fact, every commercial that Mahk is in, he seems to hate whatever the products is. That begs the question, what does Mahk like and why do people keep trying to sway him? This video was brought to my attention by podaholics resident Irishman Jay Hollingsworth. Check it out.

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