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Top 3 TV Show Seasons When the Show SHOULD Have Ended

Top 3 TV Show Seasons When the Show SHOULD Have Ended
  • September 26, 2017

Have you ever fallen in love with a show? Followed its characters through their personal ups and downs? They feel like family? Laughed, cried, yelled and screamed? Did you write enough rhetorical questions in your article, Kane? Fair enough, but did the show you loved hit a peak in a particular season and fumbled the follow up season, so bad the show should have just ended on that high note? Well, I agree with you, Kane. So here are, the top three television show seasons that should have been the finale.

Spoilers!! Duh!

The concept:

A show that takes place over one day, each episode is an hour long. So if you miss an episode, you’re FUCKED! Centered around CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) agent Jack Bauer, based in Los Angeles during some of the most brazen terrorist attacks perpetrated on U.S. soil. You never knew who you could trust or who was going to die, no one was safe and it made for some of the greatest television in years. Ground had done been broke. For four seasons we witnessed Jack lose his wife, be shot, tortured, his heart stopped, his daughter hates him, the government fucked him and he chopped his partners arm off to prevent a terror attack. *whooo* Season four ends with Jack faking his own death to escape the death squad sent to kill him, in the guise of secret service agents taking him to Chinese prison. All after he saved the world from a nuclear missle strike. How are they going to follow that shit up?

When it should have ended: Season 5

Opens with former President David Palmer(greatest television President ever) being ASSASSINATED!!!!!!!!

The next scene is Tony and Michelle, the Sam and Diane of 24, talking about going back to CTU to help with finding Palmer’s killer. Michelle walks to the car, while Tony is on the phone and the CAR EXPLODES!!!! Killing Michelle!!! Then Tony comes out to check on his wife and a SECOND EXPLOSION, TRAPPING TONY IN THE FIRE!!!


Chloe(Jack’s bestest friend)calls Jack on his burner, telling him how these killings are linked and she thinks she’s next. Jack comes out of hiding to help and 24 episodes unfold in a phenomenal story of nerve gas attacks from the Russians and the guy who used to play Robocop. All orchestrated by THE PRESIDENT!!!! FUCK!!! AAAAAAHHJGGGGXHSUDJCHEJ!!!

Nerve gas is released in CTU killing Edgar, Robocop lands the final blow, killing Tony and Jack is limping along without any resources. Jack has one final play, get the president to confess to his crimes. With some trickery and Jack taking out Robocop in the process, the President confesses. Everything seems hunky dory, Jack saved the day, again, in 24 hours, again. The phone rings, it’s Jacks daughter, Jack goes into an isolated room to take the call…. AMBUSH! Several men in masks, grab Jack and drag him out of the room before anyone notices. Cut to Jack, beat to shit, being dragged in front of THE CHINESE!!! Pan back to reveal he’s in a freight ship on his way to CHINA!!! OH MY GOD!!! This season won Emmy’s for best drama, best writing and best actor.

The Downfall

Season six through nine couldn’t follow themselves. Jack was back, but he ate its own balls. Every season tried it’s best to be different, to be the same, to be new but what it used to be. The series finale, in season 9, ended almost exactly the way season four ended. Ugh, boo!

The concept:

A serial killer who only kills other serial killers…MmmmK… In the daylight he is Dexter Morgan, a blood splatter analyst for the Miami police department… ooooh twist! Learning everything he could about getting away with murder, from his cop dad, Dexter employs tools to be the most efficient killer he can be. Using his evil to destroy other forms of evil, Dexter seasons one through three were some compelling story telling of the human psyche. What makes a human evil? Will Dexter ever be “normal? What is normal? Is Rita hot? I can’t tell.

Those philosophical questions drove the show every time they introduced new Miami serial killers for Dexter to hunt, while being hunted himself.

When it should have ended: Season four

All of Dexters decisions come to a head. We see him juggle marriage, fatherhood, step-fatherhood, work and killing. In walks The Trinity killer(played by the fantastic John Lithgow), a murderer who kills in three different ways, spread out over years to avoid a “pattern” or being caught. Of course Dexter can detect his method, tracks him down, but before he can kill him he sees that Trinity is a family man. So rather than kill him, he’d rather learn from him? How can he juggle his family life and his blood lust for so many years.

But then Dexter sees the seams start to unravel, Trinity’s family is afraid of him, they know something is wrong but they don’t know what. Dexter, realizing that is not the life he wants for his family, finally plans on killing Trinity but Trinity finds out Dexter’s true intentions before he can strike. A cat and mouse game ensues before Dexter nabs Trinity and kills him. When Dexter returns home, only to find his wife Rita, dead in the bathtub and his son laying in her blood!! Exactly the way DEXTER WAS BORN!! IT ALL COMES FULL CIRCLE, SON!!

This season culminated in several Golden Globes and Emmy’s for the show and its star Michael C Hall.

The Downfall

Every season after became more and more predictable. Season five was good, but then season six has Dexter’s adopted sister Deb attracted to him…What? He’s chased by the Russian mob in another season, Deb finds out about Dexter being a killer, but instead of putting him in prison she… grounds him…. huh?

At the series finale he kills Deb…okay… Then becomes a logger? Why? Fuck you Dexter, you weak ass punk ass bitch ass bitch!

The concept:

The world has ended, zombies have risen and only the strong survive. Rick Grimes awakes from a long coma, only to find that his family is missing and the world has done gon to shit! His only instincts; survive and keep his family safe. Over seven seasons The Walking Dead has offered some of the most shocking and brutal moments in television. From character after character loss, to all out gun fights, to Rick biting some guys throat out. The introduction of Negan had Rick and the group more scared then they had ever been before(R.I.P. Glenn). Gripping audiences into watching every Sunday.

When it should have ended: Season one, episode one!

THATS RIGHT!! FUCK THIS SHOW!! That’s when this hunk of shit show should’ve ended. Rick opens his eyes, sees the zombies and blows his head off.

Does this article end abruptly? Does it not have a satisfying ending? Should I have ended it after Dexter?…….. Don’t stop believin.’

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