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The Best CliffsNotes You'll Ever Hear - Thug Notes Podcast

The Best CliffsNotes You’ll Ever Hear – Thug Notes Podcast
  • September 12, 2017

Thug Notes, one of the best shows on YouTube, has moved to audio form. That’s right, I got another podcast for you, other than the wonderful shows on the Podaholics network. The Wisecrack gang churned out the best breakdowns and analysis of popular literature in an incredibly original way. Sparky, the host, comes at you hard with his unique take. A literary baller, Sparky is loud and charming while he brings you through classic stories in the most gangster of ways. Here is a clip from one of my favorites– Homer’s Odyssey

Now Wisecrack is branching out to bring you top fives in literature on their podcast “Get Lit.” Great name, dope concept, spectacular host and well produced. The Wisecrack team keeps striking gold wherever the tend to dig, creatively. 

Each episode on the podcast are around 10 minutes. It’s the perfect, quick episodes that are still as funny and interesting as the video version. If you enjoy the YouTube show, then download the podcast. You won’t regret it. Download “Get Lit” on you apple podcast app.

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