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IT Review with Some Spoilers

IT Review with Some Spoilers
Big Irish Jay

Over the weekend the whole Podaholics crew went and saw IT, opening night, packed theater. Now before I get into my review, let me say I never saw the original IT. I saw some parts here and there over the years. I’ve seen the creepy fahking clown pics etc… but never saw the flick, so all I knew was there’s some terrifying movie with a clown that EVERYONE says was scary as shit growing up.

Flash forward to last Thursday. We go to the movie it’s me, Kane, Mitch, Off Mic Sean aka The Mechanic and our buddy Chad.

As someone that hasn’t seen anything before, the movie is about a bunch of kids in the town of Derry, one of the kids little brother gets his arm bit off and taken into a sewer by a clown. They start researching this clown and find out this clown keeps coming back every 20 some years and murdering kids.

There’s some bully kids, one that goes crazy, starts listening to the clown voices, kills his dad and tries to kill the group of kids.

There’s a girl that hangs out with all the kids that was labeled a slut in school (but she’s not) and you find out her dad’s a fahking pedo and she eventually kills him.

The kids eventually find some well that the clown lives in, goes down, tell them they’re not afraid of him and kill him, then the kids make a bond that if the clown comes back, they’ll come back.

Now, I liked the movie, it had the Stand By Me vibe people have mentioned and the dialogue between the kids was funny, there definitely was “OH SHIT” moments in the movie and clowns are creepy as fahk, so all those are good.

My ONLY gripe and this is my main gripe with a LOT of movies, especially horror movies. You NEVER know who or what the fuck the clown’s story is. Is he a demon? Is he a ghost? is he some God? WTF is he? You literally just know he has been around for awhile, kills kids every 20ish or so years, then he’s killed. Now I’ve talked with other people that know the original story and have told me that he’s supposedly an Alien? and in the original movie he turns into some huge fahking spider or some shit? FAHKING BOOOOOOOOOO! I hope they don’t do the spider thing and not sure I like the alien angle, but again my biggest gripe is NOTHING is explained about the clown. He just appears, kills, then disappears. When I leave a movie I should be saying “HOLY SHIT” and “Dude, that part when….” I shouldn’t be saying “Wait, what?” or “so what was he? how did that happen?” I don’t go to movies to be a fahking mind reader, I wanna zone out, enjoy a movie, FAHKING SPOON FEED ME.

I’ll definitely see the next IT and hopefully they give the back story and hopefully it’s not a dumb spider. I enjoyed “the ride” of this flick, I just wish I knew what the fahk “IT” was.


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