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I Was Wrong About LaVar Ball

I Was Wrong About LaVar Ball
Big Irish Jay

Since the first time I heard about LaVar Ball and the Ball Family, I couldn’t stand em. I don’t follow college hoops, so had no idea who Lonzo Ball was. But I kept seeing and hearing about LaVar Ball. He was better than Jordan. He could beat Jordan, RIGHT NOW. He’s gonna bring out his own shoe, it’s gonna take over the shoe industry, all that!

I was like WHO THE FAHK is this guy? This guy’s nuts! He’s making his son’s team quit games, he’s  ruining his kids lives, he’s making everything about himself rather than his kids.

I couldn’t be more wrong. On Facebook, the Ball family has a new reality show called “Ball In The Family” and it’s great.

One of the first things they show in one of the trailers is LaVar being LaVar, talking crazy, being the hype man, the stuff I previously hated, then you hear one of his sons say something to the effect of his dad is different than people think and if they saw him behind the scenes, they’d have a better understanding of him.

He’s 100% right. I’m now on board with LaVar and the Ball family. From watching Ball in the Family, you quickly realize, everything LaVar’s doing isn’t for LaVar, it really is for his kids. He’s taking pressure off his sons. He creates a semi distraction about himself, gets people talking about him and the Ball family and brand, but never about any of his sons. It’s genius! His kids can just focus on basketball and let people talk smack about their pops rather than them. LaVar is a mastermind.

You’ll also gather from the show, LaVar is an awesome family man. He loves his boys, he wants what’s best for them and a great husband. LaVar’s wife Tina Ball had a stroke recently and the love he has for this woman you can see on the show. I look at LaVar as taking the mentality of “it’s us vs. EVERYONE and we’re gonna circle the wagons with our family and do whatever it takes to be successful in ANYTHING we set our minds too. Whether it’s raising his sons, building a clothing brand or helping the love of his life Tina, get back 100% after the stroke. He’s the guy you want as your friend. Loyal, supportive and will have your back through thick and thin.

I recommend watching Ball In The Family. It’s great and you really see the love this man has for his family and you also see some of the “method to the madness” of LaVar.

You can watch Ball In The Family Here.

Time to order some Big Baller Brand shoes, gotta support!

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