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First Time Friday's- Bill Finger Keeps Getting F*€Ked by Batman

First Time Friday’s- Bill Finger Keeps Getting F*€Ked by Batman
Your First Time

Hey did you guys see the Hulu documentary Batman and Bill? If not check this documentary out, it brings you through the Wolf of Wallstreet, cut throat world of comic book artists.

Quick Synopsis

Ever since he can remember Bob Kane wanted to be a comic book writer. Bobby Kane needed some money but didn’t want to be any bodies chump. Bob saw Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the creators of Superman, ballin outta control! Joe ad Jerry, the masterminds behind the first superhero ever, are the toast of the town, celebrities of the highest caliber. They were the Cali cartel and Bob wanted to be Medellin cartel(I love Narcos on Netflix). So Bob set out to create a character the likes of which have never been seen. So he comes up with the name Bat-Man and that’s about it. Well, he tries to draw Bat-Man and it comes out something like this.

Bobby is having a rough go of it, he can’t figure out story structure for the character, why the guy looks so dumb, but the name has a ton of cachet, to make him a ton of cash-ay? Huh? Am I right? So Bobbo calls up his friend Bill Finger for help. Bill heads to Bobs place to see this new, exciting character known as Bat-Man. Bill sees Bob’s creation, then Bill shoots Bob the same look Tommy gives Spider in Goodfellas, after Spider tells Tommy “go fuck yourself.” Bill says; “Put some ears on him you nut sack, he’s a BAT-man.” “Jesus, Bobby give the man a cape for god sake. He’s a fucking superhero, you walking dildo.” I’m paraphrasing, of course. Bill continues “Make the eyes scary, put a bat symbol on his chest, make his alter ego a millionaire, kill his parents.” Restructures and reframes the Batman into this:

Bob takes the new vision of Batman to comic book companies to start making that cheddar. He’s bought and makes his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 in the year 1939.

Somehow, Bill Fingers name doesn’t make it on to the page as co-creator. Bill is hired on to write for Batman but is never given credit for creating him. Bob done Thomas Edison Bills ass! Batman explodes on the main stream, Bob Kane becomes the celebrity he always wanted to be, going to movie premiers and comic cons, strip clubs and A.A. Meetings.

Meanwhile no one ever knows about Bill, how he shaped Batman, except his family. Court cases, for the rights, are thrown out. Long story short, Bill gets fucked, then he dies. The family plus the man behind the documentary works their balls off to get DC to recognize Bills contributions to their most popular character. After years of work they finally get Bill Finger the recognition he deserves. DC honors Bill and the Finger family by putting Bills name next to Bob’s in the opening credits of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” THE WORST BATMAN MOVIE SINCE THE LATE 90’s! Bill is rolling around in his grave, even after he dies the man continues to get fucked.


Alls I’m saying is, for what the man went through, the next Batman movie better be Oscar worthy. The Matt Reeves directed, Ben Affleck acted Batman movie better be the best Batman movie ever made. Or retcon The Dark Knight credit sequence and throw Bill a fucking bone.

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