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Bobby Gunn is a Bare Knuckle GOD! and better at it then you are at ANYTHING

Bobby Gunn is a Bare Knuckle GOD! and better at it then you are at ANYTHING
Big Irish Jay

I’m a big MMA fan, boxing fan, fight fan. I started boxing when I was about 10 years old at the Multnomah Athletic Club in Portland, OR and then from there went on to study various other martial arts including Wun Hop Kuen Do, Sports Jiu Jitsu, Wing Chun Do, Modern Gung Fu… blah blah blah. So I love the fighting arts.

Bare Knuckle fighting is a different thing all together. There’s a documentary you GOTTA watch called Knuckle. It’s about these travelers aka gypsy families in Ireland that fight other families. They have representatives or “champions” for their families and they fight the champion of other families. It’s insane. There’s no rounds, these fights can go 20 minutes, continually, maybe longer. It’s just an insane thing to watch and you’ll hear a lot of “fair play” throughout the fights, basically “good job” following the rules. It also has some of the funniest shit talking between the families, it’s a must watch.

Now, let’s talk about king of the Bare Knuckle, Bobby Gunn. Bobby Gunn is a fucking MONSTER that’s the current Bare Knuckle Boxing champion with a record of 73-0! This guy is 5’11” and built like Tyson.

He’s boxed professionally with mix results (23-7-1), notably losing to Roy Jones Jr. in 2017, but his Bare Knuckle record is unblemished. Here he talks about the difference between Bare Knuckle vs. Boxing:


The other thing that’s great about Bobby is if you hear him in interviews, he’s a teddy bear outside of BKB. Soft spoken and seems like a good dude. He just LOVES BKB.

Here’s a fight Bobby had vs. Jay-Z’s bodyguard:


The guy is just a monster at BKB. This guy found his thing he’s good at and is fahking 73-0 at BARE KNUCKLE BOXING! You know how INSANE that is? Jesus!

There is talk about a movie being made about his life which would be dope as shit. Check out Rolling Stone’s short doc about Bobby here:


I thought our readers should know about Bobby, if you’re not a fan of fighting, I get it, but this guy found his “thing” in life and he’s the best their is at it. Pretty amazing. I’d love to interview him.

(I also have been playing A LOT of Absolver for PS4, (DOPE GAME) so that may be what got fighting in my head)

Bobby Gunn’s Website

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